Gone are are the days were a logo and a set of colours defined a businesses organisational identity… actually, hold up… did a logo and its nice colours ever define an organisational identity?

Has there ever been a time in which you were served by a logo or made to feel valued by a nice a magenta?

Has a font changed your life or solved a problem for you?

A brand is NOT a logo, it is not a colour, it is not a font.

A brand is every experience with every aspect of a business. A brand is defined by its culture, its internal engagement, its proven delivery of values, its capacity to solve a problem and solve it beyond anyones expectations.

Sure, a logo, colours, and fonts have a place in identifying A from B but regardless of how awesome, hip, funky, in your face, sophisticated etc A’s logo is compared to B’s simple name and phone number it is what lies behind these assests that defines the brand, the emotional connection, your loyalty, my loyalty.

Loyalty is generated from love, safety, belonging, commitment, trust…. loyalty is formed through mutual beliefs, attitudes and ideas.

The impression a person gets from a business is the result of choices, actions and interactions with various stakeholders including staff, friends, family, the media, complete strangers….

Think about your favourite coffee shop or your hairdresser – whats their logo, what are is their colour palette? Of course you don’t know, but I bet you know the barista’s name and your hairdressers kids names! Your loyalty is through these connections alone, not the name or the assests a business has paid money to a designer to create – and I’ll let you in on a secret, that designer makes random stuff up and tries to tell you how it will impact your customers in some abstract gobbleygoup way that leaves you thinking how amazing and creative they are…. some are… most aren’t, they give you 2-3 options, always an awful one that makes the others look good, you get excited and hand them over thousands of dollars so they can go chai latte it up with their bearded friends at that shabby hipster cafe on the corner that you don’t have time to stick your head in to.

Staff and a vision supported by in practice values and a customer centric mentality are what creates a sustainable business.